Community Connectivity Grant Program

The Community Connectivity Program seeks to improve accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians in urban, suburban and rural community centers.  There is high demand to improve these areas as they not only serve as places where people can meet for social, educational, and recreational activities, but also serve as places of employment, transit hubs, and business districts.

The goal of the Community Connectivity Program is to make conditions safer and more accommodating for pedestrians and bicyclists, thereby encouraging more people to use these healthy and environmentally sustainable modes of travel. Making these improvements will make Connecticut’s community centers more attractive places to live and work.

The initial step toward achieving the goals of the Community Connectivity Program (CCP) was to offer municipalities “Road Safety Audits” (RSA’s) that focused on identifying bike and pedestrian safety concerns within a designated corridor or intersection. An RSA is a formal safety performance examination of an existing road or intersection by an independent multidisciplinary team.  Each completed RSA documents individualized short, mid and long-term recommendations.  The RSA is intended to be used as a planning tool to understand the community’s needs and to guide the municipality in selecting, ranking and prioritizing projects for future funding.

The next step was to establish the Community Connectivity Grant Program (CCGP). The CCGP was developed to provide funding for targeted infrastructure improvements that are commonly identified through RSA’s, or other transportation planning initiatives.  The purpose of the CCGP is to provide funding directly to Municipalities to perform smaller scale infrastructure improvements that are aligned with the overall program goal.  It should be noted that having completed an RSA is not a prerequisite to receiving funding under the CCGP.

On May 26, 2017, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (Department) solicited applications for grants directly from municipalities. The funding limits for grants awarded ranged between $75,000 and $400,000.  Municipalities were eligible to apply for one grant per solicitation.

Below are program documents and helpful links to assist grant recipients navigate the project administration process. The Department will evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the process over time and may make modifications to the guidelines as needed.

Program Background

Program Brochure

Program “Letter from the Commissioner”

Program Press Release

Program Documents

Updated CCGP Project Administration Guide – NEW

Program Application

Pre-Construction Status Report Template – NEW

General Municipal Certification for Design Activities Form

Final Design Submission Documentation Form

Project Expenditure Summary Form

Required Contract Provisions for State Funded Construction Projects

Engineering Directive, Requirements for Right of Way Acquisitions

Requirements for Project Funding Signs – NEW

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